Blue Light Protection

Protección contra la Luz Azul

Protect your skin from blue light and prevent premature aging

We spend more time than ever exposed to screens and we should know the harmful effects that their harmful rays known as blue light .

The blue light emitted by the screens of electronic devices is a new factor that influences the premature aging of the skin , in addition, in the short term it also contributes to worsen its texture and cleaning routines.

This is why Vivra Barcelona has also created a product designed to defend and protect your skin from the effects of infrared rays and blue light.



We must highlight the composition of this cream, with the presence of the Algae Blue Light DNAfix® microalgae, these algae contain an antioxidant substance called Phycocyanin, which prevents photoaging, and more specifically digital aging, by protecting cells from harmful light blue, and in turn preventing cellular oxidative damage.


Cream Moisturizing with blue light oxidation protection [Hydration & Protection]

98.50% Natural (ISO 16128)
Free of: Allergens, Silicones, PEG, parabens

Avoid premature aging of your skin, caused by blue light pollution emitted by electronic devices.


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